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    To endow the church at Tulla, Mac Con Mac Namara, 20° Richard II., granted the then rector and his successors, 21 plough lands; amongst which was Kiltanon, and an Inquisition was held by directions of Sir Richard Bingham in 1585, who found that this alteration was against the Statute of Mortmain. No action seems to have taken upon this till 1611, when an Inquisition was held before Nicholas Kenny, the Escheator-general; but he could not get the jurors to find the mortmain, for which they were subjected to great trouble; but having afterwards summoned a more compliant jury, the lands were declared forfeited to the Crown, by reason of mortmain; and in 1613 granted to Nicholas White of Dublin, from whom Kiltenan and other lands passed to Sir Rowland Delahoyd. His heir, Oliver Delahoyd, having taken up arms with the Irish in 1641, lost the estate, which was granted to Philip Bigoe. In 1713, William, Earl of Inchiquin, made leases of an extensive tract of country to James Molony of Kiltannon, including the Abbey of Corcomroe, in Burren, the fee of which was afterwards purchased.
    Robert O’Brien & Rev James Graves, 1867

    Detail from Bowen map of Ireland, 1757.
    Above: detail from Bowen map of Ireland, 1747
    . Map © Cartography Associates, from the
    Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

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