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    In the year 1579, Dermot O'Shaughnessy, one of the chiefs of the O'Shaughnessys of Kinelea in the south-east of Galway, laid a snare for his brother's son, William, at a place popularly called Ardmealuane, in the parish of Beagh in Galway, four miles south of Gort; he succeeded in slaying his nephew, but the young man defended himself so well, that the assassin died of his wounds an hour after the combat.
    The Four Masters, in recording this event, call the place Ard-Maoldubhain, Maoldubain's height; it contains the ruins of a castle, which is called Ardamullivan in the Ordnance maps.

    PW Joyce, 1875

    Detail from Rand McNally map of Ireland, 1897.
    Above: detail from Rand McNally map of Ireland, 1897
    Map © Cartography Associates, from the Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

    Charon (MIT Project) 1989, James Coleman ©