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    A.D. 1311. William Burke marched with a great army into Munster against de Clare, and a battle was fought in which de Clare was defeated...
    A great war arose in Thomond, and Donogh Mac Namara and his party, namely, the people of Triochad Ced Hy Caisin, gave battle to O'Brien and to the men of Munster, in which Mac Namara was defeated, and himself and Donal O'Grady, lord of Kinel Dungaile, were slain with an immense number of both armies.

    Michael O'Clery, translated by Owen Connellan, 1846

    Detail from Cary map of Ireland, 1799.
    Above: detail from Cary map of Ireland, 1799
    . Map © Cartography Associates, from the
    Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

    Charon (MIT Project) 1989, James Coleman ©