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    {It is stated that Redmond Burke being at war with the Earl of Clanrickard, (continued) plundering the territory of Kenel-feichin "to the South of the Barony of Leitrim", until the Earl of Clanrickard arrived and pitched his camp at the Monastery of Kenel-feichin.}
    Thus they {i.e. the Earl and Redmond} remained for four or five days {during which time some persons of low rank were slain on both sides,} until Teige, the son of Brian na murtha, who was son of Brian Ballach, who was son of Owen O'Rourke, arrived with a number of bold and well armed troops to assist Redmond. When the Earl perceived that these two parties were united against him, he left his camp and passed into Clanrickard. The others pursued him as far as Loughreagh; and because the Earl and his people effected their escape from them on this occasion, they traversed, plundered and burned the country from Leitrim to Ard-Maoldubhain (Ard-Maoldubhain locally pronounced Ard a Mhaolubháin is a T.L. {Townland} in Beagh Ph. {Parish}), and as far as the gate of Feadan (angl. Fiddan, a Townland in the same Ph. in which stands the ruined walls of an old Castle. Beagh Ph. lies in the S.W. of the district anciently called Cinéal Aodha na h-Echtghe, adjoining the Co Clare {Thomond}) in the west of Kinel Aodha.

    P. O'Keeffe, 1838

    Detail from Rocque map of Ireland, 1790.
    Above: detail from Rocque map of Ireland, 1790
    Map © Cartography Associates, from the Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

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