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  • Slieve Aughty satellite photo
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    Sliabh, pl. Sleibhte, a mountain, a range of mountains or hills; a mountainous plain or district; a moor, a marsh, heathery land; it is sometimes applied to a district consisting of a long mountain range and a wide contiguous plain.
    Sliabh Eichtghe, Slieve Aughty, or Slieve Baughta, on the conterminous borders of Co. Galway and Co. Clare; a limit of Thomond; a limit of Garbh-fhearann Luighdheach (Co. Clare); Guaire Aidhne claims the territory from Luimneach to (i.e., Co. Clare), as once belonging to Connaught; v. Echtghe.
    Geoffrey Keating, 1902
    Detail from Faden map of Ireland, 1798.
    Above: detail from Faden map of Ireland, 1798. Map © Cartography Associates, from the
    Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).
    Charon (MIT Project) 1989, James Coleman ©