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    Notes from the Aughty People & Earth Day Traditional Music discussion group, recorded by Mary Coen.

    • The idea is that we would have an Aughty musical research project that would take in South and East Galway and East Clare - East going North.
    • The general area that's from here to Aughrim and back up to Gort and you go back East to Feakle and Scariff. All that area - with a view to collecting the music and the folklore and achieving it.
    • To share the knowledge with all people in these areas.
    • To put it on a website.
    • We would collect and archive material that's there already. Home recordings, collect photographs, biographies of musicians and composers.
    • We would then produce an online repository to be used for primary, secondary, and third level education in each of the sections that I mentioned earlier.
    • We would share the knowledge - share with everybody.
    • This is an urgent job that needs doing now, as in yesterday.
    • Because so many people have died in the last six months.
    • And when they die - unless we're very lucky with their families - if it's not recorded, it's gone forever.
    • This would be kick-started by a number of meetings in Crusheen, Gort, Ballinakill, Woodford, Feakle, Aughrim - that loose circle, with a view to putting this in place.
    • Starting it off by talking to people and recording it.
    • We have talked about this in the Gort area - with the Cooley-Collins festival and The Friends of Coole. We've been talking about it for twelve months but not knowing where to start... with the idea that Michael gave us ...that we have area meetings - not the whole area.
    • Just that you pick the people that are involved in music already and then they will tell you more.
    • Each person will tell you more - where to go to source it.
    • For while you might know a lot of the regulars - there may be other people there that are equally important and have a lot to offer.
    • So that would be our hope, that we would have some of this done - and we'll see what we could do for Heritage Week.
    • A small project we could aim for - that would be the start of it.
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