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    Notes from the Aughty People & Earth Day Family History discussion group, recorded by Gerry Kennedy.


    We had a wide range of discussions - we covered a lot of issues.

    • The theme that was coming through again was the use of the internet and the use of the website as a major resource for us.
    • And at the same time the involvement of schools and young people.
    • And trying to bring the community along with us is a very important aspect of what we will be doing.

    Some tasks that we thought of as being doable in the immediate future:

    • First one was to send a list of all our links from each organisation or each parish to the website, so that the links from each area could be put on the website.
    • The second one was to identify the resources that were available in each parish - not just the natural resources - where they were, who held them and to put all those up on the website for each parish.
    • Resources such as:
      • What local school records were available.
      • The registers of births, marriages, deaths for each parish.
      • The years that they covered and where they were available.
    • The third area that we sort of looked at is from the perspectives of people maybe interviewing and recording old people for their history and folklore.
    • We would put up on the website a series of best practices across a wide range of issues.
    • Such as, if we have to interview people, that we have to get them to sign the form so that the information can be used later on.
    • That the best practices would be downloadable for anybody carrying out interviews in their own area.
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